Love to Serve; Catering Business Essentials’ Guide

artisan bread delivery.

 Starting your catering business is no piece of cake, though you will be serving many, hopefully. The services industry is one tedious yet equally rewarding career, especially if you have a passion for taking care of people, feeding them, and planning.

This could be your dream job, or your worst nightmare based on your personal experience. A lot of freelance caterers are becoming quite the talk of the era. These caters then start their small businesses, employing more people to work for them, and making banks based on their success rate.

  If you are new to the business and wish to learn the ropes to this business, you are in the right place. Here are some essential steps you should take at the beginning of your career as a caterer:


You have, without any doubt, heard this advice on multiple occasions from people with and without businesses. Networking is the key component of a small business owner’s growth. You can get more work through word of mouth than you can imagine.

Often people confuse and limit networking to going to parties with “important people” who will kick-start your career for you. When going out with your mother can be your most impactful networking strategy.

For example, your mother goes to the Church. As a beginner, perhaps, you can do some catering work for one of the church gatherings. People will come, they will eat your food, and they will hire you if it is good.

Always remember, humble beginnings lead to great TEDx Talks.

Know Your Niche

You must understand your niche. In simpler words, ask yourself, who do I want to serve? It is important to know who your target clientele is. If you wish to be a local caterer, then it is best to display your work locally, like churches, public parks, etc.

If you wish to work for elite clients, then you must bring your catering standard up to that level. Understand what you are charging, who, and whether it will be worth their money. Learn about your “competition”. Who else is working for this demographic, and what does their business offer?

Once you have a well-informed answer, do something different. The industry already has that business. What can you do? You will automatically not have to “compete” if what you bring to the table is extraordinary. The rich are bored, give them something new.

Strong Bonds

This is the most crucial aspect of your business, and it will determine the standard of your work. The people you work with should be people who work at a level that matches your business’s standard.

For example, something as simple and small as artisan bread delivery.. You must find a business that works with authenticity and has great quality. Ideally, nothing on your plate should go to waste. If the pasta is nice but the bread is stale, the Italians will hate on your business.

People Please

This is the business where all your “I am a tortured people pleaser.” reposts come in handy. Therapy is expensive. You will begin to automatically stop people-pleasing once you enter this profession. That, or you will become a raving success. It’s a win-win, either way.