What are Overwintering Pests and How to Get Rid Them? 

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Pests during summer are generally found outside, and you are constantly irritated by their presence. With the arrival of winter, it is common for people to become happy that they are free from the long sunny days and also from pests. However, there is overwintering during winters, which we are unaware of. During winters, pests, due to cold, come inside our house and make it their homestay. 

This overwintering concept is not generally known to many people, and thus, we will study this concept in this article. If you are looking for a permanent solution to the pests in Brooks, you must consult a professional expert who can solve your problems. There are various pest control services like Brooks Pest Control with whom you can consult and find a solution. 

What is Overwintering Pests? 

As the temperatures drop during winter, it becomes difficult for insects to find their food. Therefore, it is not easy for them to keep up their metabolic process and also make it difficult to survive. So, during this condition, there are various activities that pests consider while making it easy to survive. 

  • Some pests burrow in the soil to escape the cold. Pests such as ants and beetles burrow in the soil. This is because solid provides insulation to the pests, protecting them from cold temperatures. 
  • Insects seek shelter in man-made structures such as homes, buildings, and other structures to safeguard themselves from the cold winters. 
  • Some insects hibernate themselves during winters and seek shelter in crevices or any other places where the cold is minimal. 
  • We have heard about bird migration, but some insects migrate to warmer temperatures during the cold. 

How to Get Rid of Overwintering Pests? 

  • If there is an entrance of pests inside your house, mainly during winter, it becomes difficult for us to remove them. Therefore, you must try to stop these pests from entering your home in the first place. 
  • You can keep the things away from your house that can draw pests. For instance, you must keep your firewood away from the house and clean the debris, gutters, and other areas that can attract pests. 
  • You must also prevent the access inside the home. For this, you can seal all the cracks, crevices and other areas, which can become an entering point for pests. 
  • The outlets can also become a reason for pest entrance, and therefore, you must also seal them. 
  • At last, you must remember that you have to keep your house clean and tidy to ensure that there are fewer overwintering pests inside your home.