NSE Q3 Profit rises 8% to Rs 1,975 crore, revenue up 25%

NSE unlisted share

If you want to invest in NSE unlisted shares through a top online platform, here is another good news to get high returns. On February 11, 2024, NSE released its third quarter results of the current fiscal year with a 25% rise in consolidated income from operation and 8% in net profits compared to last year. Such spectacular results are not only because of the rapid rise in the ADTV or average daily traded volumes but also because of many other services. In the last nine months of the current fiscal year alone, NSE has given over 28,000 crore rupees to the government in the form of STT, income tax, stamp duty, GST, and SEBI charges. 

So, please continue reading to know the many reasons for NSE Q3 profits rising 8% to Rs. 1,975 crore and revenue up 25% to Rs. 3,517 crore to buy NSE unlisted share from the experienced broker to ride on its high tide to reap huge profits. 

5 Reasons for NSE Q3 profits rising 8% to Rs. 1,975 crore and revenue up 25%

NSE, or the National Stock Exchange, revolutionised stock investment in India and brought many people from the nook and corner to invest, even using smartphones. It is the reason that it has become the biggest derivative exchange and third largest equity exchange in terms of the number of trades. Over 9,000 crore, almost 5% of the Indian population, can invest in many Nifty indices, over 5,000 stocks, futures, and options. This is why the ADTV or average daily trading volume of futures, is over one lakh thirty crores, and the equid volume is over eighty thousand crores. Hence, NSE gets huge revenue for handling such a huge volume of trades on all trading days, which only increases yearly. The following are the other reasons for NSE Q3 profits rising 8% to nearly 2,000 crore and revenue up by 25% over the same period last year. 

  1. Transaction costs from the huge volume of equity and derivative segments are over 75% of the revenue stream of the NSE business model.
  2. Listing services to new companies is another significant source of income for NSE as many of them want to trade in one of the premier exchanges in the world
  3. Services to corporates by helping them to raise capital not only by IPO but also in the form of debts, DRs or depository receipts, currencies and others
  4. Clearing services for the trades executed through NSDL or National Securities Depositaries Ltd, which also is a major source of income 
  5. Book building fees, investment income training & support services, data feed services, and others are also revenue streams of NSE.

End note:

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