Essential Oils for Pest Control –What Works and What Doesn’t.

Pest Control

Dealing with pest infestation can be challenging; however, using chemical products to fight against them can be risky for your health. Thus, using natural remedies like certain essential oils can be in your best interests. But many times, it is said that certain essential oils work against pests effectively while others are ineffective. If you keep in contact with professionals and experts at, you will be able to learn which essential oils work for pest control and which oils do not.

Understanding the essential oils.

Essential oils are customed oils that are extracted from different plants and consist of a strong odor that is effective against pests. However, not every essential oil needs to be effective in the long run. Essential oils not only deter all insects and pests but also maintain a sustainable environment for your family and pets. You must know which essential oils work against the pest effectively and which do not.

Oils that do not work against pests –

These are some oils that are rumored to work against pests, but they actually do not affect the pests at all.

  • Citronella oil

Citronella oil is extracted from grass by steam distillation and used to deter all mosquitoes around it. However, it is said that citronella oil has lost its effectiveness against pests, and it only works when it is mixed with other oil repellants. Therefore, you can no longer rely on the Citronella oil for pest control.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a type of essential oil that has a strong lemon odor, and a chemical called PMD helps repel mosquitoes. However, eucalyptus oils are ineffective against other pests only if applied without mixing with another oil repellant. In addition, eucalyptus oil can cause harm to children under the age of 3.

Essential oils that are effective against pests –

The following oils with a strong scent are most effective against pests and are included in some of the best organic methods to treat houses during pest control procedures.

  • Peppermint oil

One of the most commonly used oils for pest infestation is peppermint oil. This oil has a strong scent that helps keep the pests like rodents, ants, and spiders away. The effective way to use peppermint oil is by blending it with a little water and sprinkling it in all the sites from where the pests can invade.

  • Lavender oil

Lavender oil also keeps pests like mosquitoes, flies, moths, and other insects away. Levander oil has a sweet smell, which is effective against pests. This oil is also secure for your family members, pets, and environment.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another essential oil that has a powerful effect on pests like bed bugs, ants, and roaches. However, it is stated that this oil can cause damage to your pet. Therefore, you must make sure that you use this oil by mixing it with water and spraying it in all the corners of your house.

The Bottom Line!

If you are using different essential oils to deal with pest infestation but do not know which essential oil will be effective, consider seeking professional guidance.